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Meet Joshua Taylor

Joshua R Taylor has spent most of his life living in southeastern and southwestern Virginia. When he was eighteen, he enlisted in the United States Air Force and served six years. While serving, he obtained his first two degrees in Computer Science and Social Psychology, and went on from there to be gainfully employed as a Java Software Developer working on contracts supporting the US Navy. Over the years he worked his way up through the ranks of IT leadership and has been working as an IT Project Manager since 2010. He’s led small and large teams alike, including onshore and offshore teams concurrently for fortune 500 companies. Most recently, he served as an IT Project Manager for an up and coming warehouse automation company (think 100% Robotic Warehouse Management). Suddenly, at the age of forty-eight, he discovered a love for writing science fiction stories. Forever the critic looking for quality science fiction which pushes the reader or watcher to think harder or at least find ever more enjoyable stories, he took up a challenge to a write a better short story after complaining one evening about ‘yet another highly iterative/derivative sci fi movie.’ It’s the first story in ‘A Face of the Master’s Cube.’ In his private time on occasion, he likes playing chess. He isn’t as good as he says he is, but he sure talks a good game. He also enjoys tending to his yard and gardens, and of course, loves everything Science Fiction.

Books By This Author

A Face of the Master’s Cube, A Collection of Sci Fi Short Stories
Each story is written for a young mind to enjoyably consume, but the concepts inside are often college level. Certainly, a challenge for an educated adult yet, woven into an understandable dialog and thoroughly enjoyable story for everyone of all ages.
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